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StudentTrack Software Features

General Student Information: - Welcome to the new StudentTrack software.
The most user friendly student tracking software available today.

Custom Tab: - The Custom Tab is a allows you to rename the Custom Tab name along with all of the 15 field names.

School Information - School information screen has detailed information about your student, in addition to an Enrollment Status database for tracking all student enrollment changes.

Reports - StudentTrack has an very extensive reporting system built-in.
There is also a Queries and Special Reports feature, allowing you to create and save unlimited custom reports.

Documents - The documents database allows you to create unlimited documents that need to be tracked, utilizing your document codes and document descriptions

Attached Documents - This database allows you to scan or attach unlimited pictures, images, and documents to your students' records - All document formats are supported.

Student Course Schedule - Displays a graphical weekly schedule database of your students courses.

Student Call/Activity Log - Allows you and your staff to record unlimited information regarding student communications at anytime.

Financial Aid Profile - The Financial Aid Profile database provides the ability to track all of your students with your custom financial aid sources.


Tuition Card Transactions - tuition card database tracks all debits and credits applied to your students' records.


Promissory Note Transactions - Allows you to have a separate transactions database to keep any financial transactions separated as needed.

Grades, Tests, Lab and Transferred Courses - These custom databases allow you to customize grades, tests, lab activities, and transferred courses for your students.


Daily Attendance - Track your students daily attendance absent/present attendance or hourly attendance.


Performance Evaluation Ratings - Allows you to have a database dedicated to your schools performance evaluations.


Externship - The Externship database allows you to track all externships for your students.


QPA Quality Points Average - StudentTrack lets you select the method your school uses to calculate your quality points average. Select from Credit Hours, Clock Hours, or Grade Percent Average.

Placement Database - Tracks all employment placement, previous employment, and interviews.

Master Files allows you to create all of the drop down look-up lists in the entire program.

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